Board of Directors

The board of directors consists of selected members with expertise in the business management of the companies.

The current board of directors took office from 30/6/2018 by the approval of the General Assembly in its Ordinary Meeting held on 22/5/2018, when it selected the new board for the Twelveth session and for a period of three years.

Mr. Ibrahim Bin Mohammed Alhudaithi
Board of Director’s Chairman, Chairman of Executive Committee
Mr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Alhudaithi
Deputy Chairman of the Board Executive Committee Member, Managing Director
Mr. Nasser Bin Abdullah Al-Aawfi
Board Member, Audit Committee Chairman
Mr. Suleiman Ali Alkhudair
Board Member, Remuneration and Nominations, Committee Member
Mr. Majed Al - Othman
Board Member, Remuneration and Nominations committee Member
Mr. Riyadh Bin Saleh AlMalik
Board Member, Executive Committee Member
Mr. Ali Bin Mohammed Ali Aba Al-Khail
Board Member, Chairman of Remuneration and Nominations Committee Member
Mr. Fawaz Suliman Alrajhi
Board Member, Audit Committee Member
Mr. Majed Nasser Alsubeaei
Board Member, Executive Committee Member