Explore / Wadi Qadisha (Qadisha Valley)

Wadi Qadisha is the "Holy Valley". The word Qadisha comes from a Semitic root which means "holy". There, you find caves and sanctuaries which were inhabited from the third millennium B.C. till the Roman period. Hermitages, rocky monasteries and churches are scattered in this valley. It was inhabited by the Nestorians, the Monophysites, who believed that Christ has one nature, and the Caledonians, who believed in the two natures of Jesus. The Muslim sophists also lived in this valley.

The UNESCO classified this valley as a "World Heritage" site because of its opulent cultural and natural landmarks. It houses thousands of various kinds of animals and plants, ten percent of which are typically Lebanese. Waters from its waterfalls tumble over the rocky upright slopes; Nahr Qadisha (the Qadisha River) springs from this valley and flows down over it until it reaches the sea in Tripoli.


How to Reach Wadi Qadisha:

To reach Wadi Qadisha, leave Tripoli and head for Zgharta and continue in the same direction. You can also reach it by going from the Koura region and the town of Amioun. The entrance of this valley starts from Kousba. There is a cross-road: one takes you to Ehden (Wadi Qozhayah), and the other leads to the Cedars (Wadi Qannoubin).

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