Hippodrome du Parc de Beyrouth

Abdallah Al Yafi Avenue

Contact Information
00961 1 632515
Racing takes place on Sundays (starting time 12:30 pm), except during the months of July and August, at which time races are held on Saturdays (starting time 1:30 pm).

Founded in 1885 at Beir Hassan a suburb of Beirut, it was moved in 1018 to the “Foret des Pins”-Pine Forest of Beirut. It is at the Résidence des Pins that General Gouraud proclaimed the “Grand Liban” in 1920.

The grounds and all the racing set-up is the property of the Municipality of Beirut, and is managed by a non-profit organization SPARCA “Society for the Protection and Improvement of the Arabian Horse in Lebanon”.

Presently, over 700 horses train on the track every morning from dawn until 8:30 am, then leaving the premises open to the public. One weekly meeting of eight races is held all year round, with an average of ten to twelve horses per race.

Bets can be laid on horses at the racecourse or the accredited off-track betting offices and facilities for betting by telephone are available by prior arrangements.

Lebanese time is G.M.T. +2 hours in winter (October to March) and +3 hours in summer (April to September)
While Arabic is Lebanon's official language, English and French are widely spoken.
All foreigners must have a valid passport and visa to enter Lebanon.
The official Lebanese currency is the Lebanese pound or lira (LL).
All personal belongings are exempt from ordinary customs duties.
Lebanon is a developed country with relatively good health facilities.
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