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Nature Reserves / Yammouneh Nature Reserve

The Nature Reserve of Yammouneh lies on the eastern slope between the two mountains of Makmel and Mounaytra. Abundant with waters, it includes 84 water springs, in addition to four permanent rivers and two seasonal streams. Many ancient traces remain there, including Phoenician, Roman and Arab monuments. There is a Roman temple, along with Byzantine ruins. The statue of Aphrodite was removed from the site to the neighboring temple in the city of Baalbek. The remnants of an ancient fort in the area used to serve as summer residence for Emperor Adriano who had ordered his soldiers to engrave the following statement on the rocks: “I, Emperor Adriano, make the area of Yammouneh a protected reserve and shall forbid anyone to cut Juniper trees therein”. The area of Yammouneh covers a wide stretch of plants and intensive evergreen trees (30% of its area).  


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