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Nature Reserves / Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

This nature reserve of south Lebanon covers the best sandy beaches in the country. It was declared a wet land according to “Ramsar“ Agreement. The Tyre nature reserve is also an important resting ground for migratory birds that some rare species of them are in danger of extinction. The artesian wells therein constitute a considerable source of drinking water. Besides, the reserve includes many species of plants and swamps birds which are very abundant in such environment. Tyre nature reserve is also considered as ground for egg – laying by the green and loggerhead turtles that are in danger of extinction worldwide.


How to reach there

From Beirut, head south along the highway to the city of Sidon (Saida) about 41Km of the capital. After reaching Sidon in about 35 minutes, keep driving for nearly 30 minutes until you reach the city of Tyre where you cross the archeological site of Al Bass. Visitors can park their cars near the sandy beach. The drive from Beirut to Tyre would take less than one hour.


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