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Nature Reserves / Palm Islands Nature Reserve

The reserve includes three Mediterranean uninhabited islands laying 5.5 Km northwest of Tripoli. It constitutes one of the rare remaining sites for egg – laying by sea – turtles, namely the loggerhead and the green turtles which are in danger of extinction worldwide. The Palm Islands also provide a resting ground for migratory birds. Moreover, they are full of medicinal plants and abounding in coastal life. The waters are rich in marine sponge, fish and maritime creatures. Swimming is allowed in parts of the reserve during summer season.


How to reach there

1-From Beirut, head the Northern highway until you arrive in Tripoli which is 80 Km away from the capital, then drive west to the shores of Al Mina and the port of fishermen. Park your car suitable on the cornice line. From there, you will arrange for a boat to reach the islands which are 5.5 Km away, the trip will last 35 minutes.

2-The Palm Islands can also be accessed from any maritime port on the Lebanese coast.


Contact and Information:


Tel: 00961 6 204 525

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