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Nature Reserves / Horsh Ehden Reserve

Ehden Forest (Horsh Ehden) is situated on the Northern slopes of Mount Lebanon’s western range. Covered with dew, this nature reserve includes many rare plants and is distinguished by the trees of the Cedar, along with Juniper and wild apple it also encloses many species of birds such as eagles and hawks, as well as mammals like wolves and wild cats, in addition to wild plants of the orchid species.


How to reach there?

1-From Beirut, follow the northern coastal highway towards Chekka which is far 20 kilometers to the south of Tripoli. Then from Chekka, take the road heading east to Amyoun and keep on passing through Kousba and Tourza where you follow the road that will lead you east to Ehden. The trip from Chekka to Ehden will last 25 minutes. The nature reserve is far about 5 kilometers from the town of Ehden.

2-From Tripoli, head the south eastern highway until you reach Zgharta. Continue some 26 kilometers or 25 minutes up to the town of Ehden.

3-Both entrances of the nature reserve can be accessed from the town of Ehden (water springs of Juheet and Ayn Al Bayyada).


Contact and Information:


Tel: 00961 6 660120

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