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Nature Reserves / Bentael Reserve

One of the first natural reserves in Lebanon, Bentael lies in the foothills north east of Byblos (Jbeil). It is famous for the woodland which is densely covered with pine trees. Bentael is also renowned for being on the line of birds’ migration such as eagles and hawks among other birds of prey. Thus, it is considered as an attraction for birds amateurs.


How to reach there

1-From Beirut, head north the coastal road to Byblos (47Km), then drive east to Annaya passing through the town of Eddeh, the drive from Byblos to Bentael will last about 15 minutes (5-7Km).

2-There are two access ways to the nature reserve, the first in town of Bentael itself, and the second in neighboring “Mashahalan”.


Contact and Information:

Website and email:,

Tel: 00961 9 738330

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