Handicrafts / CUTLERY

The Phoenicians first manufactured bronze knives before moving to the use of more noble metals like silver and gold. As a matter of fact, archeologists have found a strikingly handsome and modern silver knife incrusted with gold, in a royal tomb in Byblos dating from the 19th century B.C.


At present, the center of handicraft cutlery is in Jezzine, a small town located 80 km from Beirut. Jezzine workshops use materials like ivory, and buffalo, goat or sheep horns, as well as stainless steel, silver steel and copper. The shape of the cutlery objects manufactured there is quite unique: the handle made of horn material represents a bird scratching his chest with his beak. The bird’s wings are made of copper and his head is mounted by a tuft made of bone material and dyed in red. A Jezzine cutlery craftsman can only manufacture six to seven pieces per day.

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