Lebanon hosts several large festivals headlining big name acts, including both Lebanese and international performers. Extending over several days or weeks, these internationally renowned events attract large crowds from throughout the region. Several of the summer festivals are held at major archaeological and historical sites, including Baalbek, Byblos(Jbail), and Beiteddine, providing a spectacular backdrop for the musicians, dancers, and performers. Visit the festival websites for more information about event schedules, dates, and tickets.


Smaller folk festivals, street festivals, and religious events occur in villages throughout the country in the summer and year round. Search our Events Calendar to find out more information about these festivals.


Web Links for Lebanon’s Festivals

Aanjar Festival: www.festivalanjar.com

Al Bustan Festival: www.albustanfestival.com

Baalbek Festival: www.baalbeck.org.lb

Batroun Festival: www.batrounfestival.org

Beiteddine Festival: www.beiteddine.org

Byblos Festival: www.byblosfestival.org

Ehdeniyat: www.ehdeniyat.org

Jounieh Festival: www.jouniehinternationalfestival.com

Tyre International Festival: www.tyrefestival.com

Zouk Festival: www.zoukmikaelfestival.org

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