The Lebanese cultural heritage combines the ruins of temples‪, castles and streets‪, statues‪, monuments‪, sarcophagus‪, funeral steles‪, thrones‪, inscriptions‪, mosaics‪, as well as relics including of tools, offerings, jewelry‪, utensils‪, armory and coins… All that in addition to modern artworks of sculpture‪, paintings‪, music and more‪.

Based on this cultural and architectural richness found in Lebanon and accumulated throughout the ages‪, Lebanese museums were established in order to preserve this distinguished heritage‪ and also to make it accessible to public.

Today, Lebanon has many public and private museums spread all over the country and some are found inside archeological sites (Beiteddine, Baalbek, Byblos etc.), or inside monasteries and religious shrines. Besides, there are private museums named after some Lebanese craftsmen‪, artists‪, writers and intellectuals that took Lebanon into a higher standard‪.

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