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Khalwat Al-Bayyadah

It is located in the suburbs of Hasbaya and it is the religious fort of the Druze. It contains around 40 khalwats. Believers go there every Tuesday in order to meditate. After taking permission from the Sheikh who is in charge, they can go around the place. Women have to wear decent clothes and cover their hair. In the outer hall, there is a round, large rocky seat under two oak trees. On them, there are traces of chains which were used to pull water.

El Habbarieh

On the left side of its main road, there is a Roman temple of 17m long and 9m wide. It used to have a façade supported by two columns. Today only the foundations remain.

Some of its walls are there today; they rise to the height of 8 meters. There is also an ionic pillar and a frieze on the southern part. Inside are two niches. Above them, there is a glittering horn, and above the upper eastern niche, there is a Greek inscription of six lines.

Souk el Khan

On the road that leads from Hasbaya to Marjeyoun there is the khan which was built by Emir Chehab in 1350. It is said that Emir Ali, son of Maan Emir Fakhr al-Din was killed there. Nearby, there is a public market called Souk el Khan, which opens every Tuesday.

Rashaya el Fakhar

It lays on the slope of Mount Hermon. It contains two plants to produce pottery; their furnaces work in summer only, but the product is sold all year round, including the jars that keep the water cold and the pitchers that are filled from an upper opening.

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