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In the district of Qalaat el Hosn (the Hosn Castle) there is one of the largest religious landmarks in Lebanon. There are four and more than one altar and columns and religious structures. The largest temple was built during the 2nd century. It is preserved with its precinct and its contents. The second temple is built of limestone and there are no remnants of any colonnades. Its façade has disappeared. Its main door is surrounded by two smaller doors, one is on the right side, the other on the left, and it leads to the roof through an internal stairway. Around this temple, there are fragments of archaic pieces and remains of an altar. The third temple is built vertically over the largest temple. The fourth temple is situated on the slope that overlooks the site. In the south-western part of the town are the foundations of a fifth temple which is partly covered by new buildings that the town people call the "Large House".

The Island of Palm trees or Rabbits' Island:

This is one of the islands facing the port. In 1992, the UNESCO declared it a protected area. It is a natural reserve for sea turtles and migrant birds and it contains Roman and Crusade remains. It may be visited between October and June.

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