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In Northern Lebanon, each season bears its own private charm. The fresh air of its summer days along with its clear sky in fall, provide this basically-mountainous area with a unique appeal. Even in winter, your visit might acquire a special taste, where during this season, the snow covering the heights in white enables visitors to practice skiing. At the same time, your eyes will keep on watching wonderfully the bright green color of plains and plateau.

Meanwhile, if you have the possibility to choose your preferred season, then try to travel through Northern Lebanon at the beginning of spring, before the total melting of snows. It is at that moment that you will enjoy smelling the perfume of flourishing almond trees, and watching the vast fields of cyclamen and red poppy, while hearing the murmur of mountain streams stuffed with water rushing down at the sea.

Northern Lebanon includes the districts of Akkar, Tripoli, Zgharta, Bcharrey, Koura and Batroun. These areas can be visited from Beirut or Tripoli. However, if you are interested in mountain trips, then you would better settle in centers like Ehden, Douma, Bcharrey or Sir ed-Danniyeh, so that you could easily access the places you intend to visit.

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