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Downtown Beirut's reconstruction and restoration project was put forth thanks to the efforts of the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik EI Hariri, owner of “Solidere” (Lebanese company for the development and reconstruction of Beirut). The project stretches over 180 hectares that include hotels, offices, and residential building. More than 500,000 square meters that were regained by the process will provide the necessary space that will allow for the construction of 2 ports for pleasure boats, an exclusive space for joggers, and a green park. Moreover, the plan that will be implemented throughout a 30-year span (1994-2024) includes modern infrastructure for roads, urban public services, and port activities.


With little chance, a major part of the city's history had been restored before the reconstruction work was done. In fact, the city became since 1994 a home for archaeologists who toiled on uncovering the different eras that the city lived. Many sites were recently discovered, and the visitors can stand in awe as they feast their eyes on the marvelous city's treasures.


Religious and public neighborhoods and buildings in downtown Beirut were classified and highlighted. The city's main features were preserved and a particular adaptation of different sectors was renovated. The old souks managed to regain their ancient splendor, while the residential buildings were able to shake off the dust, thus giving birth to new residential quarters that are characterized by a new architectural pattern and show the city's modern side. 

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