Explore / The City that never Dies

Beirut, a port city par excellence, survived many natural catastrophes and managed to rise from the ashes every time it was struck by Mother Nature. The city was victim of many earthquakes, but that of 551 was accompanied by a monstrous tidal wave that destroyed it. The city was also victim of many fires that left it in ruins, and it took it some time to get back on its feet. Subdued and conquered by several enemies along history, and having survived 15 years of continuous hostilities (1975- 1990), Beirut was righteously dubbed "the city that refuses to disappear", for the countless calamities and hostilities that rained down on Lebanon failed to weaken the Beirutis' resolve to be reborn. In fact, they intend to see the "Mediterranean's pearl" rebuilt and rekindling its glorious past.

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